Valikko Sulje

General information

There are two competition classes: open class and women’s class. The team participating in open class can have both male and female players whereas only all-female teams are accepted to women’s class. Open class can take up to 64 teams and women’s class 16 teams.

Teams consist of four players, one acting as a captain and contact person. It is not allowed to change players within teams during the tournament – unless there’s an absolute necessity.

The tournament opens at 9 AM. Teams are divided into divisions that contain four teams. Inside the divisions teams play against each others. Two top teams from every division continues to the play-off rounds and ultimately two teams make their ways to the finals. The losers of the semifinals compete over the bronze medals and after that is time for the tournament final.

After the finals there’s an end-paty between xx:xx and xx:xx. Sauna is on the house but bring your own towel and refreshments.